Most cybersecurity awareness training programs are not effective because they are boring, box-checking exercises. Comar Cyber’s new Cyber Awareness Course actively engages employees with…

Narrative Based Approach

Users take on the persona of Agent Z, an operative tasked with infiltrating a secret hacking organization known as G.H.O.S.T. By learning how they attack their victims, your employees can better defend their own networks.

Interactive segments

Whether they’re scrolling through the pages of Hackerpedia or composing fraudulent phishing emails, there are plenty of opportunities for users to be actively involved in the hacking process for a little “hands on” experience.

Knowledge checks and a final assessment

At various points in the course, users will be quizzed and a 20-question assessment is given at the end of the training to ensure that your employee has absorbed the information.

The course is built on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform so employees can use it wherever and whenever, with no need for integration into an office’s network.

Comar Cyber’s training course covers the six main vectors of cyber security where employees are typically targeted:







Each of the six 10-minute-long modules can be viewed separately so the course can be completed over time or all at once. The course can also be tailored to include organization-specific details for incident response or other issues. A compelling, interactive scenario serves as the final exam.

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