Human Factor

Data breaches don’t start with hacked computers…

…they start with hacked people.

Today’s threats require a new type of defense: Human Factors Cyber Security.

Simply put, human factors cyber security is defined as the knowledge and actions employees use to protect a computer network. It’s the one part of network security that employees can control.

Over 91% of cyberattacks that result in stolen or destroyed data start with an employee

Most cyberattacks start with an employee who, unknowingly or knowingly, let the attackers into the network. As computer security software becomes better, hackers are realizing it is easier to find employees who – due to lack of training, carelessness, or worse – can get them past a company’s security features. Each successful cyberattack costs companies an average of more than $3 million.

Human Factors training for countering human threats

Comar Cyber’s founder spent years as a CIA human intelligence (HUMINT) operations officer working on a range of cyber security projects and operations. He learned that most adversaries’ cyberattacks were successful not because of advanced hacking techniques, but because they often used the same types of tactics found in the world of human intelligence.

Adversaries took advantage of employees – targets – who could be fooled, or who took security shortcuts thinking that because the threat was invisible it didn’t exist.

He realized it wasn’t the technical factors of networks that made them vulnerable, but the human factors that held networks at risk. The only defense against the new human factors threat is human training. Comar Cyber’s staff know show adversaries think because they’ve spent years beating the mat their own game.

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